Saturday, February 26, 2011

Running faster than I have strength?

Here are all the things I'm trying to balance this semester:

- Being the editor in chief of an online magazine
- Two online classes, both of which require weekly group meetings
- Acting II, which requires out-of-class rehearsal time
- Rhetoric class, for which I must read an average of two chapters/two essays per week, and write the equivalent of two essays per week
- Theatre Methods, which requires that I write ten detailed lesson plans before the end of the semester, and teach at least one of them
- Doing 20 hours of practicum work at local high schools before the end of the semester
- Helping to organize a summer theatre camp
- Working 20 hours a week, as a TA for an entire department/student secretary/script librarian
- Helping to keep a home in working order (dishes, laundry, etc)
- Singing in the stake choir
- Teaching the 7-year-olds in Sunday school
- Working out on a daily basis (I know this sounds shallow, but I'm trying to take better care of my body, and in the short term, I NEED endorphins to help me deal with Seasonal-Affective Disorder, so this can't be eliminated)

So with that in mind, is it super-mean of me to back out of a project I was just asked to do on Wednesday? If it will take an additional 10 hours a week, and if someone else could do it, and if the deadline is in a month?

I wanna say I'm completely justified, but I'm having an awfully hard time saying no. I'm probably gonna have to, though. Just writing out that list gave me a knot in my stomach. Remember how this time last year, I was trying to do this much, and ended up in the hospital with mono, tonsillitis, and a tonsillar stone? I'd really like to avoid a repeat of that kind of thing. Something on my to-do list has gotta go, and I can't think of anything else to eliminate.

So could you guys do me a favor? Could you please validate me? Okay, thanks.


Carrie Lynn said...

Validation from Carrie: Remember when I backed out of being your wedding coordinator because I couldn't handle it and then your mom did a way more amazing job than I ever could and your wedding day was perfectly you? What ever it is you're backing out of- they will probably figure it out. A month deadline? Please. That's plenty of time. Just walk-away, Liz. For your health ;)

Taylor Thompson said...

Ack! That is so much! I would walk away from the extra project, otherwise, you are going to lose your mind!

France is said...

totally validated, if your red flags are waving at you it's time to put up some white ones. that list is insane and i admire that you have even tried undertaking it all. maybe not all at once...also, naps, naps are necessary to college life and i dont see them on here. WF bormune: immune to boredom.

Anonymous said...

If being your mom and ordering you to say "no" works, your mom orders you to say "no". But, in reality, you don't need me ... you already know you need to say "no". It may be more interesting/important to find out why you are even tempted to say "yes" ...

Love you! Mom

ps - Some quarters/terms are insane and it sounds like you are in one. Hang in there, and REALLY schedule your time and don't put things off, so that the end of the term won't be even more overwhelming!

Camilla said...

Learning how to say no is an important skill, if you ask me, and one more women could benefit from. We ladies like to think we can do everything and then some, but really learning to prioritize and then reduce is important for our mental well-being. Plus, I'm sure your boytoy wouldn't mind if you said no to that one thing. Sometimes we forget to schedule our menfolk in too.

Hmmmm, I just read the first part of my comment here over again and I sound like I'm trying to write a column for a women's magazine. Blarg. Whatevs- just go with your gut!

Liz-a-nator said...

Cam, if you were writing a column for a women's magazine, I'd read it.

Thanks for your support, guys. I did decide to walk away from that project, even though I still feel kinda guilty about it. Thanks for reminding me to keep my priorities straight, though. Loves.

Michael Liberty said...

First off, you are one busy bee! Just going over that list made me feel like the laziest guy on the planet, but at the same time, I got the impression that most of the things that are probably giving you the most work are the things you probably can't back out of. Whereas the things that are smaller, but no less significant, aren't things you'd want to back out of. I don't know if I could help you trim down your schedule. But I will say that I wish I were more busy like yourself. The opposite is not pleasant either, take my word for it.

Anonymous said...

Be proud of yourself that you said no to the project. Do not feel any guilt! Sometimes you need to think of you first. Selfish? No way. Not you.

Love from you know who.