Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Out of the frying pan

Yesterday, the car wouldn't start. This is the third time this has happened this semester.

Today, the car starts but was taken in anyway, where we were charged $40 for no definite answers regarding the actual starting up problem.

Today, I fixed our dryer. Replaced the heating element and felt awesome. Did one and a half loads of laundry to celebrate.

Would have done two, but...

The washer broke. It is now filled with several gallons of water. After reaching into the FREEZING water and wringing out an entire load of laundry, by hand, we put half in the dryer and half to hang dry around the house.

That, my current hormone levels, and the toughest academic semester of my career, has left me pretty emotional. So if you don't see me tomorrow, I'm probably at home, eating my way through a gallon of ice cream and watching documentaries on Netflix Instant Viewing.

Jacob's been a trooper, btw. I can't imagine what I would have done without him the last few days.


France is said...

CHEERS TO LIZ and getting through that miserable wreck and finding good in it somewhere (the dryer... that's awesome.) (i intend to have fix it bones in me someday...!) sounds awful. which is why the word verification is pulkmedl. im serious. puke.. metal... meddle. DONT take your car to that mechanics right by your house behind broulims! they charged us 1300 dollars to fix brandon's truck which was DEAD anyways. and it broke again the week after we fixed it. no no no! im home with the flu... so i feel your stayhomeness. feel better and stay strong. because you are.

Ashley said...

Hey there! you have a really nice blog!

Please look at my blogs, especially "in the life of a teenager" and "17 and pregnant"!

Thank you :)

Have a good day.


Carrie Lynn said...

The WASHER BROKE?! I'm sorry! I would have told you if I knew it was going to be a piece of crap right after we sold it to you... sorry my dear. Hope things look up. This is the winter from hell, eh?

Liz-a-nator said...

@ Carrie - THE WASHER IS FIXED!!! It just had a temporary freak out. (Not unlike myself.) But I am now doing laundry to my heart's content, with two working machines. =)

In my pajamas, because I called today a "re-charge day" and stayed home from everything.

I've decided I don't like the term "mental health day." There are these weird psychotic connotations, but more importantly it implies that your MIND is the only thing that needs a day. I took today because I have been running faster than I had strength, and I needed a day to recharge my mind, body, and spirit, and to balance the relationships between all three. And I think it's working! It was tempting to make today a "catch up with everything" kind of day, but a) I don't really need to catch up on anything, I just FEEL like I do, and b) that defeats the purpose of today.