Monday, February 21, 2011

Excuses, or "How Being a TA Has Changed Me"

NOTE: If you're taking a class on campus, "The internet was out all week" is not a good excuse for not doing your homework. Especially since the internet has worked, on campus, all week.


Bobowhee said...

So. TRUE!! I had a kid in my group e-mail after two assignments had already been due and say he was on 10 day university excused tour and could he please meet with me so we could go over the assignments?

2 problems. University excused means you talk to the teacher beforehand so he signs a permission slip saying it's okay as well as talk to the TA who's grading your papers so you can let him/her know and work out the details BEFORE you leave for the tour, and two, all the assignments were turned in ONLINE. Meaning you DIDN'T HAVE TO BE IN CLASS OR EVEN THE STATE TO TURN THEM IN. Plus all the assignments were posted online as well.

Come on people. Take some responsibility for your lives.

Anonymous said...

Why, when I was a young whippersnapper, we had to go the library and look at books to do our homework! There was no high-falutin' internet ... And then we had to write out our assignments in a draft with a pen on a piece of paper! And then we had to type them up on a typewriter! Kids these days ...

much love, dear Liz!

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