Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mexico so far

Three things I've seen:
- a lunar eclipse (even though that was in space, not just in Mexico)
- the COOLEST house my family has EVER lived in
- a two-story Walmart

Three things I've been paranoid about (even though I try hard not to be high maintenance, I'm also a little neurotic):
- scorpions
- food poisoning
- running out of hot water

Three things I've done:
- decorated like, five dozen sugar cookies
- ordered a meal at a restaurant in Spanish (kind of...Mel had to help)
- listened to my husband play the guitar (even though I do that a lot anyway)

Three things I've loved:
- the big porch(es) to view the majestic Mexican scenery from
- seeing family pictures up all over the house
- the fact that my family's current car starts by pressing a button, instead of turning a key


Komodojr said...

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... all those threes makes me think about getting back to writing something in my blog!

Enjoy your time with the family!

Much love,

A said...

Post pics of the house!