Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Prayer

Rexburg has blessed its inhabitants with a nice Indian summer this year. Until now. Now it's making up for its delay by snowing with a vengeance. A foot of new snow and winds up to 20 mph. Since we have a warm home and enough to eat and no school, this would be fun, except for the fact that travel is made difficult.

We're supposed to take a shuttle down to Utah at 5 am tomorrow morning. The roads are closed from Montana to Pocatello. We're supposed to fly out of the SLC airport to visit California for Thanksgiving. There's a blizzard warning for Utah tonight/tomorrow.

I've already cried twice about this.


Please bless that this:
(current weather cam of Rexburg)

doesn't stop us from reaching this

1 comment:

Taylor Thompson said...

I am praying with you! Stupid weather and yucky snow!!! I hope you can make it to California!