Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ugh. I know it keeps changing its clothes, but...

Still not satisfied with the blog design. Oh, I have such visions! I don't want to just download a background...I want to be able to design things myself! How do you do these things? Is it all editing the HTML?
All you bloggers out there who walk off the beaten blog path, how do you do it? Do you download a template? How do I change the font for titles and stuff? I'll keep researching, but I'm fumbling in the dark here.

I'm inspired by things like this (not always necessarily by the exact look itself, but by its delightful deviation from the blogger template norm):
The Flowerchild Dwelling
You Will, Won't You? 
Pixies and Bears
Little Mrs. Caruso
Acorn Apron
My Girl Thursday

Also, by way of warning...I think this blog might be "moving." The current dinosaur-themed URL was a lot more applicable when the blog was "The Great Lizacommunicator." But I might change the URL to reflect the change to nude intelligence. This is still in debate. I'll keep you posted.

Also again, a new button shall make its appearance soon. To coincide with whatever else happens. 


Jules said...

Well, while I'm no HTML guru, I think I can help you attain the design you want.

Looking at those other blogs, you'll have to adopt the old blogger style in your settings, get the 'minima' or 'denim' template,' put in a three column layout, and then do a custom HTML box above your posts where the font for 'about,' 'contact,' etc. would just be images linking to your different pages. Or you could view their page source and basically copy the whole thing then add your own images.

Not easily explained in a comment, but if you want I can help you out with that.

Guy Mayhem said...

Liz, stop tackling such heavy subjects. I like to keep things light. I'm a flibberty-gibit.

Also, I was thinking your name would score big in Scrabble.

France is said...

HTML IS A MESS! avoid coding things yourself at all costs and just to prove what i say is true the word verification for this comment is "UNHEAMBA" say it four times fast you want to. also, there are free online sites that change the fonts of titles and stuff but you have to upload a bunch of stuff and then once you have the perfect purple boxer font that you always wanted, you go to look at your beautiful new blog and it takes like... an hour to load. truthfully. also, free templates are the easiest and best. goooood luck and happy template hunting! j

Carrie Lynn said...

FYI: Courtney from You Will, Won't You designed both her blog and Pixies and Bears. She also did my banner. You should email her :)

Anonymous said...

Nude intelligence ... love all that implies!

Have a great day!