Monday, July 12, 2010

Just so you know

The wedding was incredible--the temple, the family, the friends, the dancing, the cake, the interpretive ballets, the slow-motion fake knife fights. A day that will go down in history. Pictures, stories, videos, and highlights to follow, but after we get out of the Houston airport (where I'm posting this from), I'm just going to enjoy being in Costa Rica with my new husband.

Yeah. COSTA RICA. (My parents rock.)

And yeah. My HUSBAND. =)

And before I neglect to do this, a HUGE thank you to everyone who made Saturday not only possible, but incredible. We couldn't have done it without your hard work, creativity, and love. Thank you so much!


Jules said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Sorry we couldn't make it to the reception :-( FB me your new address so Seve and I can send you our wedding gift!

Carrie Lynn said...

Your wedding day = epic.

Jaggers Brain said...

You wedding was honestly the best one I had ever been to. So much love radiating from everyone! That and fantastic dancing! Love you and so happy for you!

Curt said...

Historical and hysterical. It doesn't get much better than that.