Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well everyone, 4 days, 1,958 miles, 36 hours of driving, several family dinners and one replacement fuel pump later, six current Chapmans and one soon-to-be Chapman (yours truly) are back from Arizona! Here are some of the highlights:

• Listening to an amazing Silver Chair song with Jacob in the car
• Hanging out in the air conditioned waiting room of the car dealership while the van was being repaired
• Watching the sunlight on the martian landscape of Arizona/Nevada as we drove
• The look on Grandma and Grandpa Chapman's faces as we walked into the door of El Charro restaurant
• Conversations with little baby cousins
• The incredibly squeaky-beyond-belief bed that Laura, Anna, and I shared that kept Laura and I awake and laughing and Anna talking in her sleep for at least an hour
• Watching "Mythbusters" with Jacob, sisters, and cousins
• Playing the seat-switching game with family on Sunday afternoon
• Wading upstream in a river in Provo during a ward reunion
• Long talks with Jacob after a late-night swim
• Playing with the air conditioning vent with Laura and Camilla and Jacob for an hour, making paper plates and bowls and napkins hover
• The moment during the above when the bowl flew from the vent straight into Camilla's hand, like she had the force, and which we attempted to create for a really long time
• Meeting tons of family and friends of the Chapmans
• Playing the guitar and singing with family
• Watching Jacob do the Porter scene for his family
• Jamming on the blues in D with Jacob, Camilla, Laura, and Grandpa Fraughton
• Jacob's sweet arms around me as I slept in the car

There were a lot more awesome moments that I'll treasure, but these are the ones I'm telling you about. =) Here's to family!

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Laura said...

The bed was possessed, I tell you! POSSESSED!