Saturday, May 01, 2010

The grass is always greener

Even though:

• I have mono and it would probably kill me,
• it conflicts with our wedding (which takes precedence),
• it will still be snowy and freezing in Montana for another 2 months,
• and I need a lot of work as a performer,

I still long to be on my way to this stage:

Perhaps one summer I'll have the privilege to return, this time as Liz Chapman. I wish:

• it was summer of 2011,
• that Jacob and I were already married,
• married housing was available for Playmill cast members,
• and that we were on the bill

To the cast of 2010, have a BLAST up there, and when you get tired/grumpy/lonely/bored/cold, remember that:

• you are doing what you love,
• you are surrounded by some of the most beautiful places on God's green earth,
• there are so many people who would love to be where you are,
• and you have a steady (even if temporary) job during a recession

We can't wait to come up and see you!

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Kathleen said...

Hey Lady. So we're bringing Jesse's cousin Kelly down to Rexburg when we come to your wedding, because she's never been there, needs abreak from her 4 kids, and they might move there someday. Anyway, she's a photographer, and she said it would give her something to do if you wanted her to take pictures. I didn't know if you had a wedding photographer yet, but she'd be free or charge you very little. She's the one who redid our wedding pictures this year, if you want to look on Facebook and see examples. if you have someone lined up, disregard! love you!