Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle." --Ken Hakuta

I'm really excited for Carrie to read this blog entry.

Bargain-hunting may take a little more time, but it always seems to pays off, especially when planning a wedding. Wanna know why? Because every now and then you stumble into these AMAZING deals. My original plans have been modified.

WEDDING PAPER DIVAS (which is one of the cheapest online wedding announcement companies whose products don't look like they were picked up at the dollar store, and who I was originally going to order from):

325 Wedding Announcements with matching envelopes
50 Temple Sealing Invitations with matching envelopes
$595 (before shipping/tax)


250 Save-the-Date cards
140 Address labels
500 Wedding announcements with matching envelopes
50 Temple Sealing Invitations with matching envelopes
250 Thank You Cards with matching envelopes
2 Personalized Rubber Stamps
$407.86 (AFTER shipping/tax)

(Free address labels and business cards--our Save-the-Date cards--through online promotion = 25% off anything else on the website one day only. Did I take advantage? I most certainly did.)

I got more than twice the product for $200 less. OH and did I mention that I found someone super talented, artistic, and creative to do our engagement photos? For $50? AAAaannnnddd, I've been grabbing simple, elegant little vintage things to decorate our reception and our future home every time I stop by DI...including tea cups, elegant fabric, and candle votives. Three cheers for being a bargain-hunting bride!

Now if only I could find a discount on postage...


Carrie Lynn said...

This blog makes me weep. With pride.

Beckah said...

Oh, I looked on the website and it's the person who did Jenny's beautiful photos! Yay!