Monday, February 15, 2010

Seasonal Affective Disorder

I don't know how many of you have the winter blues, but I got 'em something terrible. Despite the enormous happinesses that are present in my life lately, all this snow and cold and stress is really getting to me.

So in case it's getting to you too, I offer this cheerful little post to uplift you! All of you mean a whole lot to me, and I'm so grateful for the friends and loved ones who help me to carry my burdens, even when they seem to overwhelm. Your support is a miracle.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so here are some giggles for you.

First, words:

"I'm trying to create a new board game that combines Risk, Monopoly, and Chutes & Ladders. Oh yeah, and I'm supposed to use all of the planets somehow." --Shaun Scrivner's 5th grade student

Jacob: "Small-mouth Whittaker."
Liz: I should be a mobster.
Jacob: Or a bass.

"You know, for being a dog-rooster, you're pretty anticlimactic." --Brant Hurley, Comic Frenzy

"Hawmps" whiteboard message
- Liz's jump drive/free time
- Mallory's scissors
- Annie's voice
- Lauren's sanity
- Carrinne's ring
- Hannah's name on this list
- The Book of Lehi

Liz: Look at this pretty twinkle wonderland! (pause) I sound like Meredith Bellows.
Annie: Yeah. (pause) Or a pervert.

Panther (the cat): Meow!
Ray: You only say that because you're a cat.

Liz: I never played with kazoos as a child. I have lots as an adult.
Jacob: I never have as an adult! They should give you one when you're grown up.
Liz: "An inaugural kazoo."
Jacob: "You are now an adult. Here is your kazoo. You'll need this."

"He looks so scary! Look at his eyes! He has no soul! And he's tap-dancing!" --Beckah

"My name's Gibralter. Like the strait." --Jacob

"And we'll have lots of toppings for all you silly people who like jelly on your pancakes." --Bret Abernathy

(on discussing rhubarb) "AND it's leaves are poisonous! That's what's so great about it. Half of it is DEADLY." --Beckah

"Oh no! She's hi-jacked the scoop-a-ma-thon!" --Jacob (while playing with toy trucks in the grocery store)

"I've always liked the idea of being a hippie, but I could never bring myself the shoes." --Jacob

"What?! It's not a hackey-sack! It's a muffin!" --Thomas

"You know there's a full moon on February 14th? I kind of hope some people's dates turn into werewolves." --Beckah

Jacob: Eucharist! (laughing) It's a metal band!
Seth: How is that funny?
Jacob: 'Cause it's a metal band!

Annie: Why did you write "school" on the board?
Aubrey: Uhm...I think it's an id manifestation.
Annie: "School"?
Aubrey: I don't know! I like "s" words!

And last, pictures:

These are just some gems I've found on the internet recently (a handful from that have made me laugh.

A family after my own heart! I love it so much!

She must know something we don't.

Who doesn't love a nun on stilts? This is just a funny idea to me. Nuns on stilts.

This one is for you, Jesse.

May this be the temporary sunshine unto your soul until the REAL sun can take over!


Beckah said...

What's with the tap-dancing one? I don't remember that. What was I talking about? I'm crazy.

I love you!

Anonymous said...

"My name is Marianna ... like the Trench."