Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Facebook fads

A current facebook status fad: apparently you can type your name in at for a definition of yourself.


1. (Noun) basically the definition of being amazingly cool and fun. can dance black as hell, whether their black or not. athletic, fun and wild. gets into trouble a lot. says stupid things, but people like Liz's. sexy, and fiiiiiiiine.

1b. The most beautiful woman in the world. Despite what she may think of herself, she's very smart, and very very sexy. She's also the sweetest person in the world.

2. (Verb) The act of being incredibly cool. Commonly misunderstood to mean "one who is attracted to homosexual men."

3. (Adjective) A positive attribute that one possesses, or can be gained by physical and mental labor, similar to coolness and beauty.

The other definitions were super-offensive, but this was a nice confidence-booster for the day. My favorite is the part about how I can dance "black as hell."

Damn straight.

1 comment:

JenLee said...


super beautiful. you cant outsmart her. YOU WILL FAIL. all hail the fail whale. because whales always fail. hates celery. likes to get low. loves presidents. rides Phillip. every freakin single day. wears an orange tshirt everyday too.

Look Emily, its JENNNNNNNN!