Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adventures in Poughkeepsie

A recent letter from our dear Sister Baxter, currently serving in the New York New York Spanish speaking mission!

(If you would like to write her, her address is on her facebook page!)

To everybody:

I didn't want to write the same stories 6 times but I thought you deserved your first personal letter so this is the "story letter."

#1) I live, well proselyte, in the ghetto. One day while walking down Main Street Poughkeepsie (very different from Main St USA by the way) we were stopped by some police officers. I know we're not doing anything wrong, but I'm still nervous. Cop #1, we'll call him B.G. for "Big Guy" asks what we're doing. My hija ["daughter"--a missionary nickname for a younger, newer companion] looks a little frightened so I go into an explanation about how we're missionaries and we have a message about the love of God. Then I give him a pass-along card. B.G. then tells us to go down to the "Spanish side of town because they eat stuff like that up." Stuff? You mean, like, religion? Uh, ok. Then B.G. continues to tell us how rough Main St is and says (exact quote, I wrote it down), "This is street is a breeding ground for narcotics and an amusement park for murderers and rapists." Who uses amusement park, murder, and rape in the same sentence!? Then Cop #2, L.G. (Little Guy) points across the street and says "We had a rape over there just last night." Well, clearly you're not doing a good job of amusement park security! Then B.G. grabs his gun (still in holster) and says "There are a lot more of these floating around than the general public would like to admit." My hija then give L.G. a pass-along card and we continue on our merry way. Thanks for that comfort and protection, guys!

#2) I have been grounded more on my mission than my entire life. When it snows we aren't allowed to drive so we stay in. Today is P-Day and we are grounded. We walked to the library in the snow so we could e-mail, but it was closed. Not cool. There's only like 3-4" c'mon New York! Buy snow tires and go to work!

#3) I've been sung to on the street twice. Yesterday the little old black man with a cane sand us a gospel song (all 3 verses) called "One Day At a Time" while we stood on the sidewalk. He had a great voice. The other time a guy named Andrew saw us walking down Main Street and sang "Latter-day Saint POWER! Oh yeah! Hey sisters don't look at me I'm married!" He's crazy and not a member or investigator. He gave us his sister's address and told us he lived there in a $1.6 million house. He works @ Reggae Boy Cafe. The 2 really don't mix.

#4) I've taken up scrapbooking as a missionary. I bought 150 sheets of paper just because they were on sale. I also make cute envelopes, huh? [The letter came in a handmade, flower-print envelope, which was very cute indeed.]

#5) My hija and I have planning glasses. Mine are huge horn-rimmed beauties.

#6) St Patrick's Day is my 1/2 way mark! It's so crazy!!

#7) You guys are the best. I love you tons. Thanks for your examples and support. Don't freeze and go make a snow angel!

Love, Hermana Nellie


Kathleen said...

Thanks for posting this, Liz!

Jaggers Brain said...

Oh Liz!!! Thank you for posting this! I miss my nellie! She's awesome!

Anonymous said...

yup... I know where that is. too bad she's not in our ward :)