Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Sunshine

I'll just be candid. In an effort to combat the particularly violent forces of estrogen and progesterone that are currently causing alarming fluctuations of serotonin, gamma-aminobutyric acid, endorphins, and norepinephrine within me, I shall list here the things that make me very very happy. Both currently and in general. A little bloggy sunshine. Counting your blessings, and all that.

1. Spontaneous/creative/poetic street art. Check it out: "Creativity will prevent violence through the restoration of the artist in everyone." --Carolyna Marks

2. The sword-fighting in Macbeth. I don't want to post too many "real" rehearsal videos until after the production is closed--don't want to ruin the surprise of AWESOME-NESS--but I will allow you a sneak peek here. (Also, Jacob's in it. And he's attractive. And he has a contagious wonderful laugh. The fights are not full-out or full-speed, and this was early in the learning process. So now everyone's fights looks more like this.)

3. Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam makes me immensely happy. And probably always will.

4. Jacob. My darling Jacob, whom I adore even in the rough patches. He'll probably dread any encroaching PMS episode I ever have based on this one alone, but he's a gem and I love him and I love his hand-written notes slipped into the pockets of my sweaters, his thoughtful e-mails, his tender hands, his sweet kisses, and his desire to communicate and make it work even when skies are cloudy, so to speak.

5. Pretty dresses. I'm in love with all pretty dresses.

I'm going to go online and look at some. Shalom to all.


Kathleen said...

Love you Lizzy! Hope your menstrual storms pass quickly!

JenLee said...

Shoo, Blades Firestormer, shoo.