Friday, January 29, 2010

Today is pretty normal today...

Just a few recent gems from, which I've stayed up reading, despite my state of exhaustion...

Today a bug landed on my computer screen so I tried clicking on it with my mouse. It fell off and died. I think I kind of did that with my mind. MLIA

Today, I was messing around on my MacBook Pro and I found out that I could change my language to Australian English. There's no actual difference, but I am now reading everything with an Australian accent. MLIA.

Today, I learned that peek-a-boo scares the crap out of my pet turtle. MLIA

Today, I realized that lol'd, the past tense of lol, is inaccurate. That would mean laugh out louded. L'dol, however awkward, would be correct. MLIA

Today I saw a sign on the road that said "Caution! Ice may exist!" Which was a relief, because I was afraid it might just be a myth. MLIA.

Today, my father went to the bookstore to buy a book on how to improve memory. When he got home, he realized he already owned the book. MLIA


Beckah said...

I can't tell you how much I laughed at the first one. "I think I kind of did that with my mind." It reminds me of that blogging Twilight thing I'm reading and having a marvelous time doing so. Have you read it? It's great. I love you.

And the word I had to type in the word verification box is "merbolla." It sounds like some kind of mermaid cheese.

Mallory Naomi said...

The last one was my favorite.

And I want to read a blogging Twilight thing that sounds like it's making fun of the series?? Gimme link!