Monday, December 07, 2009

Is this a cast list I see before me?

I am so stoked about next semester's production of Macbeth. Look at this cast list!

Witches: LizAnne Whittaker, Nancy Chaffin, Julie Moore

Extra witches/gentlewomen/servants: Carrie Chapman, Macy Hammond, Karlan Hansen

Lady Macbeth: Meredith Bellows

Lady Macduff: Kristi Oakes

Siward/Fighter: Sam Hansen

Duncan/Fighter: Daniel Johnson

Malcolm: Seth Nehring

Donalbain/Young Siward: Thomas Brower

Macbeth: Davey Aintablian

Seyton/Murderer/Servant: Caleb Crockett

Murderer: Jacob Ludlow

MacDonwald/Murderer: Daniel Radford

Porter: Jacob Chapman

Banquo: Jordan Tait

Fleance: Michael Saunders

Macduff: Adam Pingel

Lennox: Michael Allen

Ross: Gabe White

Angus: Joe Bidwell

Captain/Messenger: Jeffrey Farnsworth

There are a few smaller parts that are being figured out still (played by smaller chorus parts), but I'm already sold. The show is being set in 11th century Scotland, and it opens February 17th. I'm so thrilled to be a WITCH, and to work with so many talented people! I love the rehearsal process with Roger (he's directing), and Davey pointed out that because so many of us know each other so well, it will just be a big group of friends getting together every night to do what they love.

I know I just finished a show, and I'm exhausted, but this cast list gave me a second wind, and I can hardly wait for our first meeting tonight...


Kathleen said...

That is going to be AWESOME! Wish we could see it!

Kathleen said...

Oh, by the way, are you trying out for Playmill this year?

HA! This is the word verification below: "fouckru"

Liz-a-nator said...

Ba ha ha!!! That's the best word verification I've ever seen!

I don't know about Playmill yet! I'll keep you posted.

Camilla said...

Now that is going to be a good show! Wish I could see it. Wonder if Brother Ray is shivering at the thought:)