Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tales from a Modern Sickbed

A List of Unreasonable Expectations/Desires, as I recover from a severe case of gastroenteritis:

1) For the house to be completely cleaned and organized.
2) For my appetite to return to normal.
3) To live by myself for the next few days.
4) For classes and work and rehearsal to be put on hold until I can fully commit to them again.
5) To have a car. And a license.
6) For the laundry to do itself.
7) To have a working VCR and DVD player, and an unlimited supply of films that I could watch instantly.
8) To not be so jumpy, as a result of 3 days of heavy medication.
9) For the shower drain to actually DRAIN.
10) To not be so damned irritable.


Kathleen said...

I lover you Lizzy, and hope you feel better soon. A poem for you:

There once was a lady named liz,
she's pretty much the shiz.
she's sick as a dog,
(I follow her blog)
and I hope she gets back to biz.


Mallory Naomi said...

i hate the shower drain much more than Satan hates me.