Thursday, September 10, 2009

Traumatizing Beauty

Wonderful as these changes are, I'm having more trouble than I had expected, readjusting to the new semester.

I went from 2 weeks of:
- having a 2-story, 7-bedroom house to myself
- not having to do anything but hang out with Jacob, and occasionally (rarely) work

- having 5 roommates, 4 of whom I'd never met, as well as having the downstairs fill up
- having school, auditions, meetings, and bills

At first glance, it seems like it would be a pretty seamless transition. That's what I thought. But I find myself in a place of emotional...wonkiness.

Which would probably be helped by healthier eating and sleeping habits, but I'm a college student, and I haven't seen my best friend since April, and the Thorsons are here, and I like Jacob, and I've been poor for a while.

The most difficult transition is the one into being "social"...being around people, whether I know/love them or not. I haven't really thought about my behavior around more than 3 people at once in weeks. And I'm the kinda girl who needs her space...who needs her alone-time. It will take me a while to again get used to making an effort to get that. The more you get of alone-time, the less you need of people-time, at least in my case. I seem to be spending a few minutes disliking the world of people in general every day, until I get enough introverted time to help me avoid complete misanthropy.

I should be clear that I'm thrilled to be starting a new semester, and especially thrilled that Annie now fills a space in the bed beside me. I love my classes and my boyfriend, and it will be a great semester. I'm just grumpy about everything lately.

I guess it's time to serve my fellow man, follow the awesome examples of those around me, and show some gratitude.

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