Saturday, August 29, 2009


This is it. The Rexburg Opinion Center is killing my soul. I survived it for the entire summer, and although there were days when I would rather not be there, for the most part, it was no big deal. But the honeymoon is over.

This whole week, the Opinion Center has been overscheduled, so Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I showed up for work and then gloriously got sent home. After a month of NOT having to work, working yesterday and today has made me somewhat miserable.

And it's not like I'm totally busy and having to work is stressing me out. I'd just rather be picnic-ing or decorating or movie-watching or walking or reading or Jacob-ing. And I don't even need the money. I won't get paid until school starts again anyway, at which point, Uncle Sam will be providing.

Oh gosh. The more I think about it, the more I simply can't stand the thought of working here for one more moment. I could just ske-daddle. But you never know when you'll need a job again, and you should always leave a job able to go back if you need to. And I only have 4 more shifts, and if next week is anything like the last, I might not even have to work them.

I think this would be a little more bearable if I wasn't on a DUMB survey. I think it's poorly written and the wording confuses people.

Hmph. I'll have to do a cheerful blog later to make up for this grumpy one. But in the meantime, I hate the Rexburg Opinion Center.


Petey said...

It would be cool if they'd let us ask people the questions that we actually want to know the answers to. "Where in the world IS Carmen Sandiego?", etc. Personally I'd be asking everyone about their favorite bands, James Joyce, and how to acquire an alpaca garment from South America without leaving Idaho. Though none of it would be as fun or educational as Liz-ing with you. :)

Liz-a-nator said...

Dear Petey,

I like you lots and lots.

Love, Liz-a-nator