Friday, July 31, 2009

Some of the best things about a Whittaker Family Reunion

1) Ninja destruction.
2) Fireworks/sparklers.
3) Bowling.
3b) My cousins' awesome bowling methods.
4) Frisbee.
5) More food than you know what to do with.
6) Guitars.
7) Dance parties.
8) A toddler who's always stealing the ice from your cup.
9) An iPod touch that's constantly being passed around so that everyone can have a turn to play "Pocket God."
10) A cousin who's wheelchair is continually being stolen for wheelie practice.
11) That annoying movie "Madagascar II." Several times a day.
12) Reading bedtime stories laying in bed next to Cadence, and her little face as she asks for one more story.
13) The waterslides at the Provo City Pool.
14) Talking politics and religion with cousins late at night.
15) "Truth or Whatever" with cousins.
16) "Monsters Vs. Aliens" and then Ninja Destruction in front of the theatre, waiting for our ride to come.
17) Sing-a-longs and talent shows.
18) Sorta jamming with Cody on the guitar and 12-string.
19) Testimony meeting with little kids.
20) Cody carrying Candace up and down the stairs.
21) Visiting Mel's school.
22) Did I mention a lot of really good food yet?
23) My dad's testimony of families.
24) Having all 3 of my sisters and our parents in one place at one time.
25) Celestial families.


cuzitsfunny said...

Dear Liz,
I wish I could be a member of my family and your family at the same time. Love, Carrie

Kjersti said...

Love it!

iBo said...

Dear Liz,

So I ran into a group of students here playing Ninja Destruction, but they called it "Ninja." It was kind of weird to see the apostacy of it begin. I'm glad you are carrying on the tradition.