Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"But there's still this...this problem..."

Production shots from BYU-Idaho Directing Final One-Act!

This was one of the most challenging--and one of the most rewarding--theatrical endeavors I've ever had the pleasure and privilege of being involved in! Although the challenging part is probably not immediately evident in these pictures. I was pushed beyond what I thought my abilities were, and grew close to some wonderful people in the process. Thanks to Nancy and Jacob for a wonderful experience, and to Danica's sister for taking these pictures!

THE SHOW: The Problem
THE DIRECTOR: Nancy Chaffin
THE PERFORMANCE: Monday, July 13th, 2009
THE HUSBAND: Jacob Chapman
THE WIFE: LizAnne Whittaker

"Just look at me. Just take a gander."

"I'm just letting you know. So you could...plan..."

"Hmmm? And what's that, dear?"

"Ah. So THAT's the problem..."

"Well, you had your work, your intellectual life--"
"Yes, but, darling, that doesn't really answer the question!"


"Don't look at me, darling!"

"Yes, you see, my darling! Or you're beginning to..."

"Sit down, I have a tale to tell-o!"

"What about THAT?!"

"Social injustice!!!"

"Oh, aren't we awful?!"

"No, Tarzan! White men are civilized!"


Petey said...

You're right: these fun photos don't scream the difficulties of this scene outright--maybe we're not depraved enough--but they indicate a lot. I do nothing but smile at the sight and thought of this scene! So fun and funny and beautiful. What an adventure.

I've now got all these photos saved in a file on my hard drive and they will probably be going into my "theatre book" that I'll someday compile. And how'd your recording of it work out? I think it would be meet to exchange copies sometime.

Liz-a-nator said...

I haven't even looked at the recording yet. Please let's do exchange copies. Amen to your thoughts of the scene, though. That last photo is an absolute GEM.

Kjersti said...

Oh, how I love that old sectional couch! Glad to see it's still being put to good use!