Sunday, June 28, 2009

This weekend = better than feeding the squirrels

Whew! It's been a long week! A long, tech-filled, sleepless week! But this weekend was rejuvenating and awesome. Here's why.

Jazz Combos concert. It was fantastic. A second video of my other tune to be posted shortly.

The dunes/bonfire with the jazz combo kids afterwards.
- Shaun's epic failing at attempting to throw paper into the fire
- Eric's dancing in general
- Reese and his sense of humor in general
- Alternate lyrics to "Better Than Anything"
Exhibit A:
Better than peeing at midnight
Better than eating a hairball
Better than awesome
Better than stuffing your pants
Better than tofu and sausages and weed
Better than leeks
Better than being the Dark Lord

Sunday evening =

- Liz says to roommates: "I'm so hungry right now! But I don't want to make anything. I just want food to appear before me. And I want it to be good. Know what I'm in the mood for? A big, juicy, fatty hamburger. Not like your fast food crap a REAL one that someone grilled. With fresh lettuce and tomatoes and ketchup. Man, that sounds good..."

- Liz plans to call Shaun to break the Sabbath with her and go out for real burgers somewhere.

- Liz sees that Shaun called her and calls him back.

- Shaun to Liz: "Hey. So I have all this hamburger meat from last week's party that we never used and I was gonna grill up some hamburgers and was wondering if you wanted one."

- Liz goes to Shaun's house and her craving for a big, juicy, fatty hamburger with fresh lettuce and tomatoes and ketchup is gloriously satiated.

- Liz and Shaun go on an adventure walk, which includes:
* Marmotland (which was mostly marmot-less at the time; they were all still at work at the food processing the oompa loompas. We tried chirping, singing, whistling, and calling. None of it worked.)
* Birdlandia (which was filled with birds and awesomeness)
* Unexpected super-slippery mud at Birdlandia
* Warm root beer
* A couple that would walk about 10 feet, stop to make out, walk another 10 feet, stop to make out, walk another 10 feet...
* A little blonde-haired toddler running across a bridge, whose parents we couldn't find for a minute. "Uhm....where's your mommy, little girl?"
* Being eaten alive by mosquitos
* Impromptu, sandy, melted s'mores. That Shaun carried around and that we never actually ate.

- Liz and her family Skype, which includes this memorable quote from Mom: "Not all dancers have great butts...sometimes they're really weird and freaky. Like...two...inverted cereal bowls."

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