Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind overtaxed." --Oliver Wendell Holmes

Know where I am right now? Work. Rigby 180.

Know what I'm doing right now? Losing my mind.

The no-homework, no-music, no-cell phone policy at work is driving me bananas. (There's technically a no-blogging policy too, actually...)

The no-homework thing is only occasionally stressful, and the no-cell phone policy liveable. What's driving me truly bonkers is the NO MUSIC policy. It's too ridiculously silent around here. And if all I'm doing is typing up student-written surveys? I'll be in a straight-jacket by the end of this semester for sure.

As much as I feel guilty and disloyal for quitting this job, I don't know if I would like to work here again this fall. I don't absolutely need the money, and this is no way to lose one's mind.

Oh, and speaking of losing one's mind, Sunday was the first day all semester that felt like SUMMER. Not spring even, summer. (Although I don't know exactly why I was so impatient for it, it's only mid-May.) But ever since then, all I can think about is snow cones. The snow cone shack(s) opened a few weeks ago, and I've been struck by a mild craving a few times since they opened their windows. But since Sunday, I am in the mood for a snow cone just about every second of every day. Tomorrow's payday, and know where the first $1.50 of a paycheck is going?

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France is said...

sad. you should just bring in mavis beacon teaches typing so you can play games and look like you are working all day.