Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grumpy Gratitude

I'm sick. And I'm sick of being sick. I've had the most awful cold for a whole week. Which has made me an emotional, grumpy mess. So in an effort to kick myself in the emotional butt, here are some things I'm grateful for. Some Sunday Friggin' Sunshine.

#1. Modern medicine. These lil pills are currently working through my system to defeat a sinus infection, strep throat, and/or swine flu. Whichever I end up having. (PS: All this freaking out about swine flu is hooey. Swine flu responds to antibiotics, and anyone who's dying of it, would die of ANY kind of flu. And it's a big deal in other countries because of a lack of adequate medical supplies. Thousands of people die of the flu in the U.S. every year. Everyone just wash your hands.)

#2. Friends. Nellie and I took a little road trip down to Utah this past weekend. I got to meet her "kids" and we had a blast hanging out with our friend Sarah and Cherie. And on our way home, we discovered that Flying J Truck Stops have top-notch chocolate chunk cookies.

#3. This picture. This makes me really happy. A fellow blogger and friend Ivor posted this on his blog recently and I thought it was fantastic. Our current world leaders. Regular ole people underneath it all.

#4. This person. I love this person. A whole lot. She's smart and funny and intelligent and one of the most aware and caring people I have ever known. I love talking to her, whether to tell/hear funny stories or to talk about serious things of the heart. And I get to see her in a week and a half! I'm so excited!

#5. Romantic movies. I'm such a sucker for a GOOD, REAL romantic movie. I watched this one today because I was feeling sick and consequently blue and in need of a good cry. This was a good catalyst. In a good way. Love it.


Guy Mayhem said...

Sorry you were sick. Did you try street drugs? I don't know if they get you better but they sure make you forget about illness.

Jaggers Brain said...

Liz! I was so happy to see you and Nellie! I wish we weren't so far apart! I would have taken care of you!


I'm with James... did you try any street drugs? Or British ones?