Friday, February 20, 2009

Filled with Being Full


1. The Thorsons coming to surprise us this weekend.
2. Seeing friends all over campus. Like Jenny Mae. And classmates.
3. Organic foods.
4. Spring being in the air.
5. Jeff getting accepted to the Actor's Studio. Without a call-back. With a scene I helped him find and cut and rehearse. One day, he'll be on screen at the kind of events where he'll have to answer the question "Who are you wearing?" And I'll point him out to my children and say "I knew him. I've still got his phone number on speed-dial."
6. My sister.
7. Girl's Camp
8. Working vacuums.
9. The fact that I can do things on the computer besides math during math class. Like work on scenes or talks for sacrament meeting.
10. Talks for sacrament meeting.
11. Water.
12. Cruises.
13. Making lists.
14. Curly hair.
15. The Gospel.

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