Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Certainty in times of Uncertainty

This picture really doesn't have anything to do with this entry, but I really like it and I've been wanting to post it for a while. Anyway...


1. This is a long week.
2. I've got to make some big decisions.
3. Little Britain is a good emotional detox.
4. The scriptures are true.
5. I miss the beach.
6. I want a motorcycle ride.
7. My peers scare me sometimes, and other times I'm a snob.
8. I love my roommates.
9. I'm excited for my sister and friends to visit this weekend/next week.
10. I'm sitting at a table in the MC, surrounded by complete strangers.
11. I want to be at the Playmill this summer more than anything else in the world right now.
12. I wish I could make several thousand dollars at a paid internship at a film or television studio in Los Angeles this summer second most in the world right now.
13. I bought underwear a few weeks ago because it advertised a "wedgie-free guarantee!" Which I thought was hilarious and didn't believe. But really, though. It's true. I'm sold.
14. I don't want to go to math class. Just about every time I have to. I never want to go.
15. I kind of want to teach someday. But I want to act on screen even more.
16. I don't know which of the above two things I want to pursue more.
17. I probably won't know which of the above two things to pursue until I have a husband (and possibly a family) who is also affected by that decision.
18. I'm an old maid by BYU-Idaho standards.
19. I got the blues something awful this week/today. Damn hormones. Being a girl sucks.
20. I think the guy sitting across from me is dumb for eating his french fries with a fork.
21. See, I told you I was a snob.
22. Although I often share Annie's weird, illogical, snobby initial attitude of "I don't need any more friends," I'm glad to be making some in my classes. Like my Book of Mormon class.
23. I'm barely going to pass math class. But I'm determined to pass it.
24. There's a kid in one or two of my classes who reminds me of Arthur Dent. Both the literary character and the most recent film adaptation character.
25. I'm probably going to write or something during math class, instead of actually doing math. I always just teach myself, anyway.


A said...

I like #12. ;)

And I, too, think eating fries with a fork is dumb--It's the MC, not France!!

(and btw I don't think they generally eat fries with forks in France, but if there was a place where they did that, I think it would be France.)

Jaggers Brain said...

Umm... I sometimes eat fries with a fork.

And I'm with annie... I don't really feel the need to make anymore friends... but I am trying.

Yeah I get to see you tonight!!! I shaved my legs for you guys!!!