Monday, January 05, 2009

Question marks and quotation marks

Just some things I've been thinking about lately. With moving back to Rexburg tomorrow and starting school again this week, auditions for a few things coming up, new and old friendships, and the fact that yesterday my grandpa hugged me and said "We'll miss you. Don't become an old maid." Thanks Opa. Although I might throw your advice out the window, at least in a theatrical sense. (Who decided that there is ONE female role in both shows combined this semester? Silly theatre department. At least the lead in "The Rainmaker" ain't your typical leading lady.) Anyway.

Thoughts on many changes and question marks in general:

"And I say, go, go be led. Particularly if you’re in your twenties, I tell my kids it’s a 'question mark decade' in a sense. And we’re told that we should know what we want to do. And it’s a terrible thing: 'What’re you gonna do? What’re you gonna be? How can you make a living at that? I’m paying for your college, you’ve gotta know.' No. No, no, no, no, no. It’s a question mark. You’re never going to have this luxury again, of not knowing. And it is a luxury not to know. You can play, you must do that. You must, because it’s your only way not to go crazy. Meaning, if you’re gonna wait for the job, you will die." --Dustin Hoffman

"I want every have the capacity, the guts, the honesty, and the innocence to turn around and say 'I don't know.' I think its the most beautiful sentence in the world. 'I don't know.' If you can take pride in's okay if you don't know. Because there is life to teach you. There is life to take so much from. Please, feel proud to say 'I don't know.' That's what it means to me, so I tell everyone, you know, just do it. Go wrong. And then say 'Why did you go wrong? I don't know. I gave it the best shot.' ...I don't know. I really don't know. And I don't give a damn if I don't know. I'm happy not knowing, as long as I'm doing. And that's important. See I believe in not knowing, maybe. But I believe in doing...maybe that's what God made us for. To just go and do. In this world, just go and do. It's like sending you to Euro-Disney. Just go and enjoy the rides. Just have a good time. Don't worry how it works...just enjoy the ride. Have a good time. Do things. Go wrong. You know, sometimes you feel sick after the ride. It's okay to feel a bit sick. It's all right. But just do it. So that you have the full experience of life." --Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood actor

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