Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hometown: ?

medford park 2


I dreamt of Central Point last night
Of the highway that leads past Costco
and the Evergreen Ballroom
I dreamt of the stretch of road between 2210 Rio Street
and the Medford, Oregon Temple

Home is bookshelves and shoes in the racks
a place for the laundry basket
and a knowledge of shortcuts

In four years, the roads
of Rexburg have blended in my mind
with those in Southern Oregon.
The Rogue Valley’s radio stations
play the same music
on the same frequencies as the towers
in Madison County.

I can make no claim on Medford
A sister in Boise, two more in Honduras
Mother and stepfather in Alameda, Caifornia.

Since the end of August 2004
I have not seen trees like the ones
that line the road to Applegate.


Anonymous said...

It's not too long of a drive from the Bay Area; happy to go with you this Fall, if you want!

Love you!

Beckah said...

Ah! If you go to Medford or the Oregon coast, take me with you! And then I can take you all to the beautiful Honduran coast! Whee! I love you guys!