Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yodeling puppets and laughing infants

Here are a couple of youtube videos that I'm surprised I haven't shared yet. They're two totally different but very amusing videos. The first one reminds me of my Mom's sense of humor. (Hey Mom, let's make a movie like this someday.) The second is just darling, and you simply cannot help laughing along with this sweet baby.


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Anonymous said...

I LOVED the puppet yodeling video! Where in the world do you find these things? And who thinks of making them, anyhow?! Oh, that's right ... us! YES, let's do it!

Funny that you should post a laughing baby; I just spent 10 minutes this past Friday searching for laughing baby videos. I just needed to feel happier, and what's happier than a laughing baby?

I love you!