Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wait! Wait! Top Ten!!!


I just remembered that I wanted to start a new blogging tradition! It was inspired by my previous previous blog (The "Ten Top Ten" one), and I was going to start it with the previous one (the "Go Oregon" one). But I forgot so I'm adding it as an addendum now.

I want to include a "Top Ten" list of some sort in every blog entry from now on, whether it be the only thing in an entry, or just an afterthought like this is. Although hopefully I won't forget from now on and have to add it as a completely separate entry. That would defeat the purpose. Anyway, it's Thanksgiving around now, so I suppose I'm obligated to do some sort of "Thankful" list. But that's a little boring, so let's spice it up a little, shall we?

(Special thanks to Isha for helping me brainstorm to create this list--It was more difficult to think of these things than I realized it would be)

10. Big Scary Machines that take over the world

9. Federal laws regarding music

8. Mirrors that reflect true identities (which would especially blow if you were a spy)

7. Singing corpses

6. The marshmallow guy from "Ghostbusters"

5. Anti-semitic butterflies (just because my entire perception of reality would be shattered if butterflies turned out to be evil)

4. Alien warlords (that we know of)

3. Radioactive popsicles

2. "Big Brother"

1. Fatally attractive men. Like if you don't shag them, you will actually die.

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