Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thank you's


Somewhat heartless parent who took this picture--Thank you for putting said picture on the internet so that I can laugh. In a "that poor kid" kind of way.

Mom—Thanks for raising me equally on both Mozart and the Beatles.

Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx—Thank you for writing the music for the Broadway show “Avenue Q” so that I can listen to it.

Roger and Heidi—Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Playmill again this summer.

Matthew—Thanks for giving me a hug this morning when I was pouty because I had to get up early and I was hungry and it was snowy.

Winter hat—Thanks for keeping me warm when West Yellowstone is stupid and snowy in May.

Ultimate-Guitar.com—Thank you for having the chords to one of my favorite Fiona Apple songs.

Dinosaur Comics—Thanks for consistently making me laugh.

Taylor—Thanks for letting me use your computer every day…for several hours a day…

Dan—Thank you for inviting me out to breakfast this morning.

James Dean—Thank you for being sexy and oober-talented.

Jesse, Kathleen, Annie, and David—Thank you for coming to visit when you were in town yesterday.

Jen—Thanks for your friendship and your brilliant advice, which I rely on to this day.

Old Couple we sat next to in Running Bear today—Thank you for recognizing us from the Playmill and complimenting us on the show.

Al Pacino—See thank you to James Dean.

Guitar—Thanks for existing, so that I can make music.

Apartment plumbing—Thanks for being crappy. No pun intended.

Oingo Boingo—Thanks for rocking.

Internet—Thanks for giving me a place to blog.

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