Thursday, May 17, 2007

I don't even know what a dwarf monkey-flower there such a thing?


Just for fun, here are some memorable things that have made it into the quote-book since arriving in West Yellowstone:

“Oh Curtis. He brings life back into my life.” –Mallori

“It’s difficult to feel elegant while dancing in feet-y pajamas.” –Me

“Not that I would do this to her on purpose, but if my turtle died right now, she’d be just the right size to make a really cool belt buckle out of.” –Craig

“I love you, hot fudge. I love you too, Cameron, but you don’t get a cool texture when covered with ice cream.” –Me

“I like my men like I like my trucks: big and strong…and red…and covered with the Playmill logo...” –Mallori

“I’ve just been hit by a tired…thing.” –Cameron

"Austin, why is it that every time I look at you, you're either not fully clothed or upside-down?" -Me

“My parents drove UNDER a moose once.” –Joe

“Drinking raw eggs isn’t that big of a deal…its just like drinking mucus.” –Austin

“Be racist. You’ll be happy.” –Dan

“I wish you COULD play a muffin tin.” –Curtis

“We definitely need thin ties. Thin-ness is…in-ness.” –Sid

“It’s like losing your virginity. Really, what’s the point?” –Austin

“Oh Dave. Robbing the…gay cradle.” –Kyra

“I was angry this morning. If ever I was to kill someone, it would be in the morning.” –Austin

“It would be really lame if you woke up on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.” –Curtis

“I don’t know any girls in Rexburg of Austin’s caliber. Which means that if Austin was a girl, he’d be out of my league.” –Jordan

“Why are we scary!? I would never date someone like me!” –Kaylie

“Know what you should do? Make hot breaths.” –Jordan

“You don’t need a shirt to pluck your eyebrows!” –Me

“Why does the skin spare you?” –Jordan (he meant “spin scare you”)

“I think it’s a standing rule at the Playmill that no one can ever straddle anything. Ever.” –Austin

“Don’t say Eliza's a sexy beast! It’s naughty for their little ears!” –Sarah

“I think I just swallowed one of my hairs.” –Kaylie

And the crowning gem thus far:
“It’s always after the white osprey and before the dwarf monkey-flower that the Thespians arrive. Good to have you with us.” –total stranger a few of us met in a gift shop at Old Faithful

Good times. By the way, that picture up there is of our favorite visitor to the Playmill, Taylor's puppy, Tobey. We've decided that he's this season's mascot, and have nicknamed him "Tobey the Playmill Playmate." He was a runt that Taylor rescued. The lil darling just opened his little eyes last week, and just barely started to discover walking a couple of days ago. He's so tiny and funny, he's impossible to leave alone!

And here's another picture; its kind of weird, but I think its funny...Austin and I both fell asleep on the couch during dinner break. We didn't do so in the same position on purpose, but I think it looks funny, and apparently so did Taylor because she took a picture.

Anyway, thinking of all of you. Rehearsals are going well...I'm getting the beginnings of panic at being ready in time, but deep down I know it will work out. It always does. I've been having all sorts of adventures, though not the kind I can easily blog about, but generally speaking, life is good. I'm loving getting to know everyone...making and strengthening friendships and learning from those around me. I feel so lucky to be here, doing what I love, surrounded by such astounding natural wonders!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, especially Fune who just had a root canal this morning, and Austin who is having his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow.

Rock on, and may you be living the extraordinary lives that are possible for you!

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Peculiar Mormon said...

Gosh, I miss you.