Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Fame." --David Bowie

Hey friends! Check out this movie trailer for Minnie Driver's new movie "Take"! It looks like an interesting little film, but the main reason I posted it is because Playmill alumnus and long-time friend of the Merrill family RYAN SIMMONS is starring in the film! I have not yet had the privilege of working with him, but I've seen him perform and he's brilliant, and I did meet him once. At the time, I was in West Yellowstone, getting into Heidi's car so that she could drive me to the emergency room for re-hydration after a nasty flu. So I don't remember much from that brief meeting. But Ryan, if you stumble across this 'umble blog, I look forward to meeting you again someday!

Oh, in the trailer, Ryan is the clerk at the convenience store that is being held up for $2000 dollars...the handsome-ish fellow in the shirt and tie that looks up about a minute into the film.

Even though I can't claim to know this fellow very well, it's surreal and thrilling to see someone you've met or know through friends in a movie trailer with Minnie Driver.

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