Monday, February 26, 2007

The best way to get to know someone is to get to know their current life circumstances?

left out pencils

Name: Liz Whittaker

Age: Old enough to buy alcohol, but not old enough to receive government grants to pay for higher education

Employment: The fast food industry. Years of employment in professional calling centers, and now she's currently The AntiTaco.

Residence: The Hawmps, where they lose her cash payments for rent and threaten to kick her out for not being a student.

Relationship Status: Impatiently single. It would be a lot more convenient if she could develop actual feelings for someone available.

Aspirations: To be a student again. To do the splits and a double pirouette. To buy a bookshelf and new glasses.

Fears: Raccoons, loneliness, losing control of her romantic impulses.

Somewhat unattainable material desires: An iMac, an iPod, a digital camera, a car, a drumset.

Comforts: Music, ice-cream, friends, long walks alone in unlit areas

Frustrations: The rapidness with which our house gets dirty, feeling a sense of being misunderstood, having crushes on men who are not single

Somewhat selfish but justifiable desires: To have the girl playing Penelope in "See How They Run" drop out so that I can have that role, to sing "Baby It's Cold Outside" for pre-show at Playmill Christmas, to be the script librarian in the theatre department next year, to be a more integral part of Comic Frenzy, to visit Jen in Utah, to come into several thousand dollars to take care of bills for the next (and past) several years, to spend the 3 week vacation in Hawai'i.

Things to be grateful for: Rebekah, the Playmill, the quotebooks, extra strength Pamprin, wool socks, and David Bowie.


Beckah said...

I love you Liz! I come home and I miss you all the time! Let's be the best of friends and go to Hawai'i and fall madly in love with someone. Someones. Two of them. I love you!

Anonymous said...

this post is hot, came up in my google search so this may be random but keep up the blogging i like it.