Friday, June 09, 2006

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Ella (The girl next door) said...

Part 3? Where was part 2? I am soooo bumed! Tell everyone hi for me and tell Kjersti to stop getting pulled over by cops, and it is bad for bussiness. I don't know what her bussiness is, but being pulled over by cops is bad for it! It is late and I just made a cherry pie completly from sctrach and I think the fumes went to my head and I am a little loopy. Heehee. Opps! Seriously though I love and miss you tons and will hopefully see you in a few months. Over and out!

Beckah said...

That would have been funny if there was no part 2, you just said part 3 just to frustrate everyone. But I love you, and am going to call you just as soon as I finish reading people's bloges!