Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"The one great sorrow of my life is that I was born caucasion." -JD Taylor

This picture is of a Comic Frenzy show, during one of the greatest rounds of the dating game ever. That's Brant as someone I don't remember, JD as a Mexican jumping bean, and Jeff as Christian. Genius.
Okay, the biggest news items are as follows:

1) There's this boy. And I like him lots. And against all odds, it's mutual. Hizzah! My sister and I are currently dating guys with the same name. How fun. (I feel I should disclose that they are actually two very separate people.)
2) It refuses to be spring in Rexburg.
3) Christian got a pet rat named Buddy.

Oh yeah, and there are some amazing people in this world. I just spent an hour or so reading my sisters' and all their friends' blogs. What incredible people! They just blow me away with their wisdom and wit and capacity for just about everything great. You all rock my world.
I had a lot more to say, but do I remember it? No siree. Oh, I was also going to mention that I have TB or something. I feel fine, but I can't laugh or talk for very long without coughing my lungs out, and my voice is generally much lower than usual.
Golly, it's 2am. I think blogging time is over. I think its sleeping time now. Or at least reading time.
I close with the deep, inspiring words of Ben Parkes from a Comic Frenzy show this weekend:

"Being dead is like being pregnant...you crave stuff."


Little Whee said...

I would like to second JD's comment about being born caucasion...it really sucks.
p.s. you're amazing too Liz...but the question is, does YOUR Jeff have amazing hair like BECKAH'S Jeff?

Ella said...

So. . . I think you should tell me abut this Jeff person. :) I love and miss you sweetie!

Jeff said...

We are one and the same person. That picture on the blog is a fraud. It's a strange situation, maybe I will explain it to you all sometime...

Liz-a-nator said...

Jeff, I don't know if we're quite the same person, because I actually have no idea what you're talking about. And yes, my Jeff has amazing hair, though not as curly as VanVickle's. Still quite the handsome fellow though...that's him in the picture on the far right. Top-notch guy.

Beckah said...

I think he meant that he and the other Jeff were one person, since you specifically said that you weren't. Anyway...I miss you! Talk to me Liz! We must chat and you must find a better computer! Oh, and by the way, I love you.

Ella said...

That is the Jeff you are dating! Very interesting! Hmmmm. . . I happy for you!

Jeff P. said...

Wait. . .who's dating me? What's going on? How many Jeffs are in this crazy world anyway?