Friday, March 03, 2006

And now let us kiss with tongues!....awlearghlearwlg!

After much debate and discussion, and the advice of several people, we have decided that "awlearghlearwlg" is the noise that kissing with tongues makes, according to Eddy Izzard, written out phonetically. I really wish there was some way to actually get you to hear the noise according to Eddy Izzard.
I would just like to say that that man is a genius. I'm madly in love with him, which just goes to show that I don't have a type that I fancy. All I require is whackiness and intelligence. It may seem like a broad spectrum but you'd be surprised. That's him in that picture up there. Handsome, eh? He may be a transvestite, he may swear a lot, he may only be 2 years younger than MY FATHER, and he may have said that Mormons are from Mars, but that pales in comparison to his genius, comedically and in general. And I don't think I spelled transvestite right. Oh well. I know at this point, you may be saying "But he's a transvestite! As a woman, that's sort of off-limits for you." But aaahhh-ha, that is where you are wrong. Eddy Izzard fancies women...NOT GAY.
And that's right, I'm using the British "fancy," and opposed to the American "like."
Anyway, enough of executive transvestites. Just go check out his website or something. To get a good feeling for his comedy, I recommend watching the "Flags" clip from "Dress to Kill," along with "Venn" from "Circle."
You know, it's really a shame that British slang sounds ridiculous in an American accent. I think I've wanted to be British since I was three. There are only 2 things that I've wanted for as long as I can remember: to be an actress and to be British. Lucky for me at least one life-long dream is possible. But back to slang, it just sounds stupid and, I don't know, "wannabe-ish" to try and use English slang when you were really born and bred in northern Utah. (Has anyone ever thought about how bizarre and somewhat vulgar that phrase is...? I mean, "born and bred"? How crass...) The fact that I can't, in every day conversation, say things like "fancy" and "loo" and have it sound legitimate is one of the great torments of my life. Good thing I've got this great web blog thingie, where I can write and say British things and people can just read it in a British accent and pretend that its how I actually talk.
Also currently on my list of things that annoy me are wonderful, attractive, intelligent boys who don't want to date me. I apologize if you don't want to hear me ranting, but it's my blog so bugger off if you don't like it. And points to me for "bugger." Actually, that's all I wanted to say on the subject, as there's not much more to it than that.
Moving right along, does anyone know how tragic it is to think you own Sonny and Cher's "And the Beat Goes On" and then discover that you DON'T? It's terrible. That's what just happened to me. But on the bright side, strawberry jell-o was on sale at Broulims, so I ate 3 containers in one sitting and that brought me great joy.
OMIGOSH, I can't believe I forgot to mention this super-important announcement until now! Guess who got his mission call???? CASEY HALLING!!!!!! Elder Halling will be serving in Portugal, reporting to the MTC in June! Hoorah and hizzah and sis-boom-bah! We're stoked for him.
Well, I guess after an announcement like that, anything else would seem anticlimactic. So I guess this is it. Rock on, yo.

Would you believe that the individual in the picture up there and the one in this picture here are the same person? Impressive, regardless of any stigma attatched to it.


Beckah said...

Ah, that is impressive. If not bizarre. Oh, I don't want Casey to go. Strangely enough, because I've only met him once, and then had that very interesting conversation with him on MSN that one time, but it's weird. It seems like he's always there. And now he won't be. I'm weird. I'm done.

J-E-N said...

I like my women like I like my coffee.....covered in bees!!!

Liz-a-nator said...

Well, I like my women like I like my a plastic cup.

Willie Z said...

An impressive transformation. I can see the resemblence, now.

Awlearghlearwlg: yeah, that's about right. I think there are different prefixes or suffixes you can add for different types of kisses, though. Does this warrant further study?


Ella said...

I don't know if I agree with the sound, I would have to actually hear his intrepretaion of it. It is yrue I have heard that sound a lot though, not from my own experience, but from liseting to another couple. Say ho to Mike for me if you see him! (Notice the sarcasam there) I watched his clipd and even had my prude of a sister laughing! Where can I get more?

Little Whee said...

Wow...that's a very attractive man...woman...person...individual. And boys that are attractive, wonderful, and perfect are always the ones that are annoying. I'm serious, let's be Catholic and join a convent.
p.s. I can't participate in the further kisses - all two or them - have been awkward or just plain weird and I would like to not relive the experiances...even though I do every time I think of Oklahoma! or go into the choir room