Saturday, November 05, 2005

I thought we were going for the tuba player, not Stevie!

One of the main reasons I love Jim is because every now and then, we'll notice that he hasn't said anything in awhile and look over at him. Almost always he's doing some whacky thing just for his own amusement, like in this picture. Notice that no one else in the picture is paying any attention to the guy on the far left making weird kung fu gestures. That's Jim for you.
After that rant-y last entry, I thought I'd dedicate this one to all the guys I know who are really great and considerate. My FHE brothers are some of them. This picture is of a few of them. From left to right, you've got Jim, affectionately known as "Awkward," Shaun a.k.a. "Bazooey," Scott nicknamed "Corky," and if you look closely you can see Travis ("Ariel") ducking behind Jim.
Another great guy I know proved once more how great he is for me tonight. I was talking with my friend Christian between Comic Frenzy shows, and he was telling Cindy and I more about his audition for "Spelling Bee." He paused in his story and the following conversation took place...(I'm too lazy to write out he said she said blah blah blah so we'll do this in script form)
Me: Gosh, I SHOULD have auditioned!
Christian: (with a sympathetic look) Yeah.
Me: I'm just kicking myself for not doing it. I was THERE. I was in San Fransisco and I DIDN'T audition!
Christian: You were THERE?! Oh, Liz, you should have auditioned; you would have been GREAT!
Me: Thank you. That means a lot to me. Although it also makes me more angry at myself.
Christian: Oh...well, wouldn't have been great.
Me: Uh, don't say that either.
Christian: Well, maybe it just wasn't meant to be. The Lord just seems to have a different path for you.

It was so nice to be comforted in such a...I don't know, a casual way? In a non-I'm-so-sorry-for-you way. And Christian is one of the most talented people I know, so it really meant so much to me for him to say that I would have been great. And for some reason, it never occured to me that perhaps the Lord needs me elsewhere, and not necessarily in the cast of "Spelling Bee." It was just a nice reminder.

I also wanted to let you all know that I think I'm going to take a small haitus from blogging. Not long, just maybe a week or two. I love you all, and if you read this, especially you, Christian!


Peculiar Mormon said...

You REALLY are going to have to introduce me to all these people. I'm going to need friends when I get back.

Also, I dig redheads above fireheads drive this crowhead CRAZY!

Liz-a-nator said...

You know what you're talking about friend! I like redheads too. Except...I definitely used to be blonde so...basically I'm a hypocrite. Yeah, these boys are definitely some of the coolest people in the world. I'm so excited for you to get back! I dreamt that you were back last night and it was so wonderful!