Monday, September 05, 2005

You wear junior high pants, you play junior high games.

I gave in. Here's the super-cool picture. Sorry if that's awkward, but its too great a picture to hide from the rest of the world. Besides, I'm still using Jen's computer, and don't have any of my own pictures to post.
As you may have noticed, after a fairly angry and passionate rant last blog, I now return again to the somewhat light-hearted and dryly humorous. Two of my roomates are trying to figure out the TV/VCR/DVD-player right now, which I could probably help them with, but I don't want to try. Too much possibility for frustration on a day off from school and work. So good luck Jen and Ashley.
I've got this awful disease. I would say its a social disease, but that has a whole different connotation, so let's call it a...uhhh...people disease? Okay, the point is this. I really enjoy hanging out with people, but whenever I really want to, I get too shy to call or visit anyone to suggest it. Even with people I'm GOOD FRIENDS with, that I've known for a long time, and have hung out with on a daily basis since last September. I get shy. I think a lot of it actually has to do with the fact that I don't have a car. (Okay, here's an aside: They just figured out the TV stuff, but there are a few minor...idiosyncracies. The TV works, but you have to unplug the cable to watch a movie or DVD. Both the DVD player and the VCR work, but neither currently have audio. In order to change channels, you can't just flip channels, you have to enter the channels numerically on the remote. And my favorite part is that you can't turn the TV off. You have to unplug it if you want it off. Jen just spent 15 minutes trying to explain why all of that is the way it is to Jenny, which sounded a lot like an old deaf married couple arguing. Jen's on a little walk now, although everyone--including her--is giggling at the ridiculousness of the situation.) Back to the social disease--uh, people disease--uh, whatever. Not having a car adds a little awkwardness to the situation because hanging out at someone's house rarely works out because of roomates and other factors. So the best is to go somewhere. But if I initiate it, it's like "Hey, let's go do something...can I have a ride?" and that's just lame. So I just sit around at home and hope that someone calls me to come hang out. Which no one ever does because no one likes me. (Okay, that's a lie. When people DO do something, they call me and I go, but the conflict lies in the fact that when I want to do something and when others actually do something for me to also enjoy don't correspond very well.)
So, I shall sit here and blog and think about the International Phonetic Alphabet and the quiz I have on it tomorrow morning. And think about the food I'd like to eat. Or maybe I'll actually eat something. And then call someone to go hang out with. Actually, I'll probably just go next door. We can think about our International Phonetic Alphabet quiz together.

PS: I posted this several hours after I wrote it. For the record, all I did was make pancakes and read "Life, the Universe, and Everything." By myself.

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