Thursday, September 22, 2005

Language is a two-edged sword, and so is irritability

Thus I begin my amusing signs and advertisements gallery! I just noticed the small print on the bottom of this sign...
Beckah, I really enjoyed your last blog. You are very eloquent and I love you.
I've discovered an open-browser computer ON-CAMPUS. There's a secret computer lab in the Romney building, and the really fun part is that its got this kind of "room of requirement" nature to it. I KNOW it's there, but I always just sort of wander around the building until I happen upon it. If I deliberately search for this lab, or try to learn where in the building it actually is, I inevitably get screwed over and it refuses to be found.
Well, I leave for NYC the day after tomorrow. I still feel so unprepared and unfinalized and basically not ready to go yet. Everything will be done and taken care of and in place by the time I DO go, but in the mean time, I haven't quite got my footing in my own excitement. I'm still terrified that something will go wrong, and I'm SO exhausted from preparations that...well, nevermind what. I'm bringing the video camera and JD's bringing his digital camera, and between us and Christian, we're going to make a little memory DVD thing. I was kinda bummed out in NYC class today. I was so tired and hungry and cranky, and there's this lady going with us that drives me bananas. Anything she says makes me want to scream...I can feel all my muscles literally tensing whenever she talks. So I was already irritable, and then some of my info wasn't on the itinerary, and then I found out that Ben's driving down tomorrow instead of Saturday and I was all excited to drive down with him cause I haven't seen him in, like, 2 weeks. And on top of that, he's giving a ride to another friend of mine who we'll call "Megan" and she's liked Ben for a year or so and there's a whole other story involved that I don't feel like publicizing on the world wide web. Grumble grumble.
I'm sorry this is such a ranty blog. I'm being a little bratty right now, and I apologize for making you feel icky inside with all my unhappiness if I'm doing so.
There was one night at Cindy's when everyone seemed to be having a bad night. It was all circumstantial and everyone for different reasons, so while some of the others were laughing and talking and eating in the living room, those of us who were having a lame time slowly went into the den and sat in front of the wood stove and ranted. A phrase was born that night that we've used ever since. Sometimes you just have to emotionally purge all the ickiness in your heart and mind, but then let it go. No one really wanted to cause trouble or action, but needed to get things out of their system. So anytime you ranted about something, afterwards you would spit into the fire, because A) it showed that whatever was bothering you was out and over and done with, and B) it's very satisfying to spit when you're irate. So I'm just going to say a few things in these next few paragraphs and then "ptooey, it's in the fire."
I'm a little apprehensive about the trip; let me scare you for a while and tell you that as of now, our layover flight this weekend is in Fort Worth, Texas. It might rain again tonight, and I have to ride my bike home from Wal*mart. I have no luggage to take on this trip yet. My laundry isn't done. I've got a week's worth of homework to make up. NO ONE wants to buy my printer, and I'm running out of groceries but don't want to go shopping for food that I will eat tomorrow and then not touch again for another week. And then there's a bunch of drama among a few of the theatre girls. It's not legitimate drama, but the kind that's there because some theatre girls just NEED to have drama. I don't mind listening and comforting and all that jazz, but I would prefer that we all just get along.
I just noticed that I've got to finish up and go. I feel terrible for leaving you for a week with such a whiney entry to remember me by...I was planning on adding some happiness to the end. I'll try to write once more before I leave for NYC, and in the mean time, please settle for this little song.
My roomate Tory singing it is far better than reading the lyrics, but I hope they make you happy anyway:

Tarzan was flying through the trees and
He lost his underwear
He said "Me do not care
Cause Jane will get another pair!"

Second verse!
Cheetah was flying through the trees and
He lost his underwear
He said "Me do not care
Cause Jane will get another pair!"

Third verse!
Jane was flying through the trees and
She lost her underwear
She said "Me do not care
Cause Tarzan likes me better bare!"

And that's I think about as close to a dirty limerick I get! Hizzah for nudity.

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Beckah said...

Ah, you're cute. And I'm jealous. But not of drama. I have enough of that in my life. Ah! Speaking of which, I'm going to call you right now!