Saturday, August 06, 2005

"Your husband is a dinosaur! That's the root of the problem, anyway."

Lo, a cheerful, baby-throwing barbarian to open this entry! To steal the words of my sister, it's amazing what photos you can find on the internet.
Realization of the day: We've all heard of work hazards, right? These usually consist of heavy machinery, harmful chemicals, and other things that can cause bodily harm to employees. After injuring myself in several phenomenal ways today, I have reached the disheartening conclusion that I AM a work hazard. Most of the time only to myself, but as my job itself isn't that dangerous, the only other cause can be me. I fell flat on my bum today. I was trying to step off a ladder, and somehow, I didn't quite make it, and stepped down about 4 feet and bruised my caboose. I also dropped a box of cleaning supplies on both my feet, on separate occasions. The most bizarre injury of the day involved my getting my head stuck between freight. I was putting some overstock chemicals away in the back room, and in order to do so, I had to move a big pallet of Clorox. So I got a pallet jack and was moving it, but this pallet weighed approx. 400 lbs. and one of the wheels of the jack got stuck in this stupid groove in the floor. It was impossible to move, so I finally tried to squeeze past it to push it from the other side a little. However, I had to duck down to get through, and just when I had my head in between the pallet and the shelf full of overstock, THE 400-LB. PALLET OF CLOROX ROLLED TOWARD ME AND PINNED MY HEAD TO THE SHELF. I had the free use of all my other limbs, but there was no one else back there, and it was a really awkward postion to try to get myself out of. I couldn't call for help, because no one was there, and even if they were, they would probably laugh at me first. After struggling for about 5 minutes, I somehow managed to squeeze my leg into the crack and heave away, and get my head free. I had to explain to Timmy why it took me so long back there, and he laughed his head off. And then told everyone he saw the story. Yeah, well, his pants are too short. So we're even.
Other highlight of the day, hosing down and disinfecting a cart after watching a 4-year-old girl throw up in it. Yum. I conveniently had lunch right after that. Oh well, good preparation for parenthood.
I'm listening to Israel...uh...hold on, I have to look at his last name...Kamakawiwo'ole. Awesome, mellow Hawai'ian singer. It's nice to have some relaxing summer music to blog to.
Well, I'm off to go do the dishes. ONLY 9 MORE DAYS TILL I SEE THE FAM! I can hardly wait! Oh yeah, and a very happy anniversary to Mary and Curt Whittaker, my parents! Happily, if not dramatically, married for 11 years today! Congrats and I love you and I'm thinking of you today, but not tonight cause that's just awkward.


Beckah said...

Ha ha! I can just picture you in that position, and it's quite amusing. And I can't wait to see you and swap funny stories.

J-E-N said...

That's awesome! When I worked at the golf course I went to grab someone's golf bag off the shelf in the back and two others came with it and landed right beside catching on the other shelf trapping me in while I was still holding the other one with dear life. I called for help but nobody heard me so I shaked my foot out because maybe somebody would see me. The strangest part is that it worked.
Ciao and we need to chat!