Friday, July 29, 2005

"That's my favorite name. If I ever catch me that chipmunk, that's what he's gonna be--Buddy the chipmunk."

I'm in such a pleasant mood tonight. There's just a lot to be pleased about. That's why I chose a goofy picture for this blog. Check this out: Tonight I finished writing 2 songs that have just been sorting sitting around in the realms of my creativity. I finished making another CD for Beckah, which I'm really excited about...I'm listening to it right now and what joy it is bringing me. Growing ever closer is the family trip to Utah and seeing my family. There's no truck tomorrow, which is especially nice because we worked our bums off today on the TWO trucks we had. AND while at work today, who should I run into but JD Taylor! He and Roger were in town grabbing some supplies for a camping trip, so I got to chat with them a little. I was on the clock, so I couldn't talk long, but though the visit was short, it totally made my day and even gave me enough cheerfulness to work with Marc for at least twenty minutes without getting irritated with him.
Poor Marc. I have so little patience for him. He's one of the only reasons I don't like work. I realized something about work today. Our boss, Vince, is a really goofy guy, and he has nicknames for everyone. Check this out, I, "This One" or "Ma'am" or "Muscles," work with:

That One/Amy
Locust/The Ox
Carlile Jo
My Favorite Employee
Terradactyl Tim/TimMEE

Actual names are, respectively:


What a weird boss. I think he's an alcoholic actually. He also has very child-like mannerisms, which are hilarious to me. As much as it's the hardest physical work, unloading truck is one of my favorite parts of the day. It's the only time when the whole team is altogether, we don't have to worry about customers, ICS just all got back from lunch, and 4-to-1 just got there. It's a recipe for chaos. Usually, any combination of the following ensues: Yelling, singing, insult wars, quoting movies and/or comedians, and what has come to be known as "Male Affection."
As there are 12 guys on the team and 3 girls, the insults invariably include accusations of homosexuality. Our boss Vince, retorts these with comments like "That's right, Zach. You just keep wearing them tight shirts to work, and I won't complain!" or "The girls on the team bug you, don't they, Buck? Before, you had me all to yourself." Days when words like these fly are now called "Male Affection Days."
It occurs to me occasionally that more than half of what is said in that backroom could legally be considered harrassment. I'm never uncomfortable, though, and if I was I know I could tell Vince and he'd shut someone up. Or shut up himself. He's made a good effort and came up to each of us individually on separate occasions and asked us if we've ever been offended. He told us that if we ever are, to tell him. Good guy.
The other new game at work is "The Terradactyl." Listen to this; my respect for Tim Williams quadrupled when I heard this. One day while doing truck, Tim yelled some insult in this really weird voice and Annie said "What the terradactyl?" and laughed. Then Tim turned around and did one of the best dinosaur impressions I've ever seen/heard in my life. It turns out he's had lots of high school, he and his best friend would go to public places like Wal*mart and jump out like dinosaurs at people! Those of you who know me know about what I call "The Raptor." Just imagine my joy when I heard that someone else has an inner dinosaur! It's too bad my soulmate is a non-member, has several earrings, smokes Marlboros, is happily married, and has one of the coolest kids ever. His new favorite game is to sneak up on me and/or Annie while we're stocking shelves and do "The Terradactyl." Which always results in us jumping about 4 feet in the air, and then falling on the floor laughing. What fun.
In closing, I would like to announce that I've come to realize my great love of dinosaurs. They're so cool. I think I've always been interested in them, I just never really knew it for the first 2 decades of my life.

PS: Wow, I talked a lot about work in this blog. It's a happenin' place, that Wally-mart. I can't decide which is sadder, the fact that I'll have to leave eventually, or the fact that I'm sad about leaving.


Beckah said...

Yay for special CD's! Though they always seem to get stolen by Jillian. But no longer! I wouldn't let her burn the most recent one, which I listen to ALL THE FLIPPIN' TIME! But that's ok. Gosh, Liz, I can't wait to see you! Seriously, I've missed you sooo much! Ga! Love you lots!

Willie Z said...

Oh, how I miss The Raptor. At least you have other dinosaurs to keep you company now, though.