Friday, July 08, 2005

Incomplete Top Ten Lists

My roomates and I have been working on several projects this summer. We currently have about 3 lists the time has come for all of you to add to them! The first list is things that we've seen or heard that we want to put into a movie one day. The second list is of come-backs/comments that can be added to anything said. The third list is band names. Check it out, in reverse order:

BAND NAMES: (All of these were inspired by something in Wal*mart)
Cardboard Shark
Abrasive Angel
Muppet Dictionary
Impromptu Kibbles
Pastel Accordian
Eternal Rolodex
Erratic Snowcone
Plastic-Wire Predator

"Yeah, well, you were in his arms."
"My therapist said as much to my parents."
and my favorite thus far..."Rather like your last boyfriend."
(The last one was origonally inspired by the comment "This box of paper just exploded in my arms!" Now we find that's its a hilarious reply to almost any statement. "This snowcone tastes funny." "Rather like your last boyfriend." Try it!)

Your co-worker and his wife offer you a ride home from work. The wife says "Let me just clean out the back seat for you," and as she gathers an armful of stuff to put into the trunk, a bra falls out of the back seat and onto the pavement. (What does that say about YOUR love-life, eh, Tim? AWKWARD!)

A bunch of girls sitting in an apartment lamenting the fact that boys are both wonderful and evil and the following conversation takes place:
GIRL 1: They're like sweet and sour pork!
GIRL 2: Don't say THAT!
GIRL 3: Especially with the other connotations of the word "pork"!
GIRL 1: OK, maybe they're not.
GIRL 3: Besides, sweet and sour pork is all good. They're more like a delicious lasagna laced with poop.
The simile would be continued throughout the movie.

2 high school aged guys helping one of their parents re-capture their runaway swans...a simple task...oh no...(please await the full account of the adventures of Ryan Wood and Brant Wadsworth helping at Bear World)

A guy on a roadtrip hitting as many animals as is humanly possible against his will. The final climax is when he hits a duck. His friend in the front seat next to him is perfectly calm, yet firm, when they're about to get into a car accident, but when the car hits an animal, she screams and cries.

Kids playing with their hamster. And by playing, I mean waiting until their older brother or sister has friends over, then sneaking in with a big rubber yoga ball and dropping the hamster on it, thus launching it into unsuspecting laps and faces.

Contribute your own experiences and suggestions! If we could fit all of the movie ideas into one movie, it would be one of the funniest movies in the world to me.


Beckah said...

Ok, a couple of band names....I like "Hare-Licked," "The Ronyons," and "The Dendroids." (The last two are words that I recently discovered and realized how much they appeal to me.) Oh, I also like "Robber Fly." That's probably my favorite.
Comeback:"That's no way to talk about your mother!" and "What's that on your face?" Random quotes that I just made up but funny when anyone says anything.
And movie ideas? Hmmmm....ok. A group of college boys dressed in Care-Bear outfits run around college terrorizing people and asking for orange juice. They also end up killing each other in a desperate attempt to save their sanity.
Another one: A giant shark attacks the boardwalk and everyone runs away except for this one girl who happends to be a marine psychologist. She makes friends with the shark and they spend the rest of the movie playing on the rides.
That's all I can think of right now, if I come up with any other good ideas, I'll let you know.

Liz-a-nator said...

Beautiful! I like the care-bears story...sounds like something a Lee would do. Oh wait...

J-E-N said...

Off the top of my head....
Movie Moments: A girl and a guy who are recently engaged are about to kiss and the guy chips his tooth on the girls head. Also, a daughter hears a rumble coming from the garage, so she opens the back door to find her parents with those little things that count how many steps you take in a day, hopping up and down as fast as they can to try to beat the other one's record. Wet towel fights are also great. Also when your mom is playing the piano and trains your dad to play the last note with his nose.
Comebacks: uh, I always say "that's why they call me swifty!" Nobody else laughs except me, because when someone tells you "you have a loud laugh" or something like that, and you respond with that, it doesn't make sense you see. So it's...funny...
Yeah, can't think of any comebacks right now.
Band names: Gary Lee and the Screaming Aardvarks.

Anonymous said...

YOUR mom.........