Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm not allowed to go bowling unless I take my medication.

Hi all! It feels like I haven't blogged in awhile, so let me give you a "turbo-update."

Things that make me happy nowadays:
1) "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and the accompanying soundtrack. It was bound for greatness. Take a book by Roald Dahl, make it into a movie directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp, with music by Danny Elfman, and I don't see how you could go wrong.
2) "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." (Also see "Things that make me unhappy nowadays" below...) I finished it on Sunday night--technically Monday morning--at about 1am.
3) The fact that I just figured out tonight what makes my friend's roomate's appearance so odd. Jesse is blessed with some of the bizarrest roomates in the world. I stopped over there tonight and "Jon-Michelle Danielle Knickerbocker" (that's his whole name and he insists that everyone use it...it's pronounced as if you were french, even though the kid's from Idaho) answered the door. In his garments, which is really awkward. But that's what he gets answering the door and not looking who it is first. Anyway, he's always had this sort of strange look, and I've been trying to figure out why this whole summer. Tonight I finally realized...it's his EYEBROWS. They're a really weird shape. Kind of like a badly drawn-on drag-queen shape. And they never seem to move, which is even weirder to me. They also have this creepy "clean" look to them. Not clean as in "free of dirt" but clean as in "my name is Jon-Michelle and I wax my eyebrows" clean. What a strange person. I'm sure his eyebrows don't reflect much on his personality. I don't think.
4) Root beer floats.
5) Mail! We got another letter from Elder Jason Hal Cramer last night, and it was full of funny quotes and wonderful stories and in short, it was full of Jason. Please look forward to the story of "Elder B, the Heavy Sleeper" which I will include in my next blog. (Jesse has the letter right now and I want you to hear it in Jason's words, so it will have to wait.)
6) The crazy fun we had at work today. I didn't have to work with stupid annoying Marc for longer than an hour the whole day, and although we had 2 trucks today, it induced this sort of...insanity. Everyone relaxed around eachother, and any guards anyone had because they were unsure of finding their footing with other people just tumbled to the ground. The title of today's blog is one statement made today, along with "Hey, who's in the truck?" "You mommy's in the truck...NAKED!" A little crude, I know, but the girls are outnumbered 4 to 1 at work, so what can you do? Duff and Zach spent at least half an hour quoting "Remember the Titans" in exagerrated voices. It was...magical.
7) Looking forward to the upcoming family trip in August.
8) The picture for this blog.

Things that make me unhappy nowadays:
1) "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." I cried for the last hundred pages, and then after I was done, I curled up and bawled for another half an hour. That is the only non-scriptural book that has ever made me cry that much. Only those who have read all the books and finished this one may understand. I didn't want to say more, since the book is still new and unfinished to many.
2) Clothing. It's too hot.
3) Bugs. There are too many. And for the first time in years, they're biting me and my skin is not liking it!
4) Working the next two days without Annie.
5) The fact that I'm not married and having children. I'm addicted to them lately. Children, that is.

There you are! Please await the diverting tale of Jason and his companion in the Brazil MTC in the next entry!


Willie Z said...

Jeez, I was kinda looking forward to picking the book up after payday next week, but I've gotten the impression from numerous sources that it's a real downer. Is our nation's youth superdepressed now? Oh, well. Guess we'll have to suffer through it. I mean, if something's gonna superdepress the youth of a nation, it may as well be something entertaining, like HP.

And at least dem kids're readin'.

J-E-N said...

Reading the title of your blog and then looking at the picture kind of spoiled both for me.

Beckah said...

Ah! No spoilers! And I'm so stoked for the family trip too. It's going to be totally snickers. (Do you remember that? I just recently started using it again.) And I didn't know that root beer floats. I thought for sure it would sink.