Monday, February 28, 2005

A summer in Montana?

So, I'm actually going to take this entry and share one of my deepest fears. It's not a constant one, but as a few of you know, I auditioned to work at the Playmill theatre in West Yellowstone this summer, but didn't make the 2nd cut. However, after an enormous internal debate, I've decided to live up there anyway and work in another tourist industry. Namely, a bookstore. Or a candy store. But that's not the point. The point is that I'm spending the summer with some of the most amazing, talented, fun, intelligent people I've ever met in my life! And quite frankly, that scares me out of my mind. I'll be spending an entire summer without my Alexis, without my Jen, without my Jenny, without my family, even without the dear friends I have back in Medford. True, the people I'm spending the summer with friends, but they've all known eachother for a lot longer, and I certainly don't have the closeness with them that I do with all the aforementioned parties. Gah. I hope to get to know them all a lot better and strengthen my friendship with them. But it's a new place, a new job...a lot of change. Change is scary. But I gird up my loins and face change with courage and confidence! What else could I do? Life is certainly an adventure, is it not?

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