Saturday, November 20, 2004

So what the heck is that Liz girl doing, anyway?

Hey, so I plan on using this nifty lil site to keep all who are interested aware of where I am and what I'm doing and so on and so forth. It occured to me that I should actually put a post about that kind of stuff if that's what I set this up for. So, here goes!
I am currently attending Brigham Young University-Idaho in the charming and very cold town of Rexburg. For those of you who I know from the Medford area, you might be interested to know that I kinda don't live there anymore. The same weekend I moved up here, the Whittaker family up and relocated to La Grande, OR so that Dad could take a job at Eastern Oregon University. So I'm a bit without a home at the moment, a feeling I'm not so much a fan of. I've never been to the home where my family lives now. And I most certainly do NOT plan on making the dorms my home, either. So we'll have to see what happens.
(Maybe I should just get married...that would solve so many problems! Housing, financial aid, love polygons. Actually, I don't know that getting hitched would really solve any of that. By the way, for all of you who warned me that this campus is the land of RM's and that I'd be engaged by Christmas, you are all big fat liars. I'm just saying. )
Anyway, I am majoring in theatre and speech education...fixin to be a teacher of the drama. And my minor changes about twice a week, so let's just pretend it's political science or English or something and leave it at that.
I love it up here at BYU-I, and have met a bunch of really fun, talented, amazing, inspirational people. (And a lot of them are named Jason. There are also a few Kevins, Jeffs, and Bens, along with a Jen and a Jenny and an Alexis and why the heck am I giving you a freaking roster? No more, I say! I am through with naming names!) I have also learned more about Mormon culture than I even knew existed. Did anyone else know that "The Princess Bride" is a quintessential part of Mormon culture? I knew it was a cult classic, but apparently the LDS population has embraced it and declared it their own as well. The same goes for Napoleon Dynamite. (Idaho really does look like that.) I have seen more jell-o during the last few months than I ever have in my life. And my LDS lexicon is also expanding. This also includes terminology exclusive to this campus. Example: "Hey, that's chill. Sorry you can't come over...we got Q'd cause my roomie's D.T.R. went too late last night. I'll meet you over at the M.C. so we can drive down to the D.I. in I.F. Right now I gotta burgle so I can look up what's-his-bucket, that Utard preemie on stalkernet for a little N.C.M.O." (For those who may understand that, it's not something that is likely to happen up here. I hope. Is there a D.I. in I.F.?)
A few plans for the future include working a summer at the Playmill Theatre in Montana (owned by a theatre teacher here), living in Canada, getting into "Comic Frenzy," the incredibly awesome improv team of BYU-I, getting an internship with Disney for a few months in a year or so, going to the Aquabats concert in Salt Lake next month, and in the nearest future, going to sleep.
You all rock the caspah.
Good night.

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